Four-piece Scenic from Perth create enchanting dance music rooted in pop. Their sound is an abstract journey of drifting, floating, dreaming and falling in love.

Scenic’s first EP for Future Classic features two blissed out songs ‘Another Sky’ and ‘Endless Days’ and a floor-friendly remix by The Magician. Nina Las Vegas also placed Scenic in Inthemix’s new guard of Australian dance music for 2011.
Music Feedback were lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak to the band and ask them about their views on the connection between music and mental health.

MF: How would you describe your music in three words?
Doug: Atmospheric, Arpeggios, Horizons

MF: Do you prefer to express emotion through lyrics or melody or other aspects of playing music?
Adam: Melody for us is very important in setting the mood and emotional base of a song. Melody sets the direction and path the song will take and will lead the lyricist to discover the emotions they want to convey through the song. For us lyrics are used to express our thoughts and feelings and hopefully evoke emotion in the audience and create an emotional connection between the audience and us.

MF: When did you start playing together and why?
Adam: Eric, Doug and I met battling through afternoons in our school bannd. We originally shared and swapped records with each other, which developed into making music together under numerous names before Scenic. Then last year we unearthed the drumming talent of Eric’s brother Nick.

MF: What sort of music can you relate to best when you’re stressed or upset?
Nick: Listening to upbeat, positive music can pick you up and get your head bopping. For us, bands like LCD Soundsystem, Primal Scream, The Drums and The Happy Mondays can do this. Although slower, melodic songs by bands like Beach House and WIM can be very relatable.

MF: Do you find it easy to express your attitudes towards your emotions in your music?
Adam: I don’t think anyone finds it easy to express their emotions in any medium but music is a great way to do so. We find music a great emotional release where we can express our emotions publically through ambiguity.

MF: Where to now for your music?
Eric: We’re looking forward to playing plenty of summer gigs. We have a collaboration coming up with Le Coq Sportif involving a 7inch vinyl release. This time of the year is perfect for relaxing and making music at Adam’s house in Albany.